“I have been painting for a couple of years, beginning with watercolor then I discovered the power of acrylic!! Acrylic liberated me, allowing me to explore, experiment, discover, feel, express and enjoy myself so much! 

I would like people to feel the freedom, the informality and especially the fun in my paintings! Nothing fancy, just expression of my “joie de vivre” in this amazing state of California and sharing with others the pleasure I take in paintings.

And now this freedom has allowed me to go back to watercolor, and I am enjoying it a lot!!”

Nathalie Brossard

49B100A6-1ED4-4ECA-B3F6-91EA4174F2DFD34AEF77-E685-4FC6-B3E3-A668FD16B643B91BAB5A-30CB-4986-A6E6-CE433A4EE00DE7D7877E-281E-4ADB-81FF-83B966051E45Blue City (2015) 12x12FFA565AF-CBA7-4D43-B83D-0E97874D836ALost Boat (2015) 16x20