Who am I ?

A happy mother of two beautiful children, I moved with my husband and kids in 2000 to California. Originally from Grenoble, France, I found the perfect quality of life in the Bay Area and enjoy it every day. I started painting a few years ago, taking various classes and experimenting mainly with watercolor. It is only in 2015 that I discovered acrylic paint and the freedom attached to it and I love it!
This deliverance brought by the Acrylic media allowed me to go back to Watercolor and having a lot of fun there too.
When I am not painting, I love to hike and bike with my friends surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Bay and like to engage in volunteering with several non-profit organizations, to contribute to my community and play a part in making the world a better place.
My life philosophy is one of Carpe Diem, enjoying and appreciating every moment, with my husband, my grown-up children and my friends, especially around a good bottle of wine! Can’t escape from my French side!

I hope you will have as much fun discovering my paintings as I had making them.